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As a business owner, you’re committed to protecting your employees, but you also have to keep costs down. We can help.

What Do I Need to Know About Workers Comp?

As an employer, you need to know that if your employees are injured or become sick while they are working at your business, workers comp insurance will provide them with benefits. These benefits will cover medical expenses and part of their lost wages when necessary.

A proper workers compensation policy provides protection when the situation is beyond your control. for example, what if an employee slips and falls on some spilled beverages in the break room? Or what if an employee is injured during a cooking accident at your restaurant? In these cases, you are not responsible. But it will be your responsibility to report the injuries to state officials so that workers comp can help them with their situation.

When someone gets hurt or sick on the job, workers comp can provide them with compensation for reasonable medical expenses and part of their lost wages. Workers comp also provides medical and vocational rehabilitation, and supplemental job displacement benefits. This means that it will pay for costs related to your employee’s lost time from work because of the accident or illness.

What Now?

Workers’ compensation policies can be complicated and full of headaches. Our agents are highly experienced with workers comp and can help you get the most out of your policy while ensuring your enterprise meets all legal mandates. To find out more, contact us today and schedule your free consultation.


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